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Key Values


Our business outlook is based on a model that focuses on sharing value.

We carry out our business implementing social responsibility policies designed to create value and opportunities for the Group, our partners and the society in which we operate.

Respect, transparency and reliability are part of our corporate DNA and form the basis of all the organisational decisions we make.


We see the company as an enormous workshop of ideas.

By continuously exploring the various fields of activity, being able to intercept the signals of the future, being imaginative and prepared to think out of the box and focusing on process innovations are all elements that enable us to anticipate change and reach new frontiers.


People are the Group’s most valuable resource and the beating heart of all our activities.

We strive to constantly ensure and improve a “people-friendly” working environment in which each individual can gain experience and feel an active part of the project.

We pursue a common goal: sharing values and benefits to grow and improve together.