We operate through a diversified organizational model in multiple business branches with a significant presence in both the food and non-food industries.

Our entrepreneurial activities target both consumer and professional markets, with a dual approach of developing commercial partnerships with successful companies and implementing a home branding policy.

In a dynamic and highly interconnected society, having a modular and multisectoral organization mitigates business risks, promotes the circulation of resources and know-how among business units, and creates favorable conditions for generating new generation and excellence projects.


We operate in the industrial sector with production facilities for processing and packaging in both food and non-food product categories. Our target markets include both professional and consumer markets.


We manage commercial spaces in collaboration with large-scale retail chains in partnership with nationally renowned brands and with proprietary brands.

Food Service

We develop one-to-one projects in the food sector for modern distribution, with a focus on fresh departments. These projects are tailored to the target audience of commercial intermediaries.