We are present in the food distribution sector with directly managed stores under the Eurospin, Crai, and Eté supermarket brands, and also operate fresh food departments under the MD stores.

Our stores stand out for their customized fresh food offerings, quality of display and service, and constant attention to consumer trends and purchasing behavior in line with the Group’s innovative philosophy and inter-company synergy system.

In the non-food distribution sector, we directly manage sales units, prioritizing a sectoral variety of offerings in affiliation with national partners such as Poltronesofà, Kasanova, Alcott, Upim, Bata. Our management expertise developed in running commercial chains has naturally evolved into home branding projects.

Maxi is the Group’s brand for the perfumery and beauty&clean sector, operating through a mixed sales format with individually branded stores and customized departments within the large retail context. Domus Arredamenti oversees the interior design sector and targets customers who desire exclusive solutions for home environments.